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About solves the inefficiencies of local food distribution. There are many barriers that make access to markets, even local markets, difficult for small and medium-scale farmers. connects sustainable producers to local wholesale and institutional markets. We believe that local food is good food and a good economy is a local economy. is a mobile marketing app and logistics platform that connects small and medium-sized local producers to chefs, supermarkets and institutional buyers. We connect grocers, restaurants and institutions to local producers so that they can safely and economically source & market local, healthy, sustainably-produced food, at scale. For farmers, it is a simple platform for accessing bigger markets, and responding to local demand and opportunities. Under the same platform, streamlines and aggregates inventory from multiple farms, creating an efficient, reliable and transparent market where buyers can place all of their orders. uses route optimization and real-time updates to help farmers, buyers and consumers benefit from a more localized economy.
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Consumer demand for local produce has never been greater, yet retailers struggle to meet it. solves the problems faced by both buyers and sellers. For grocers, restaurants and institutions, we make it easy to safely source local farm products at scale by aggregating between a network of local farms. For farmers, we provide access to additional, lucrative markets and provide technical assistance with food safety planning, quality standards, logistics and marketing. With purchasing commitment from retailers, these small to medium-sized farms are able to use more sustainable growing practices and pick the produce when it is perfectly ripe. This sustainably grown produce is then available to a wide range of consumers, providing access to more affordable, delicious and fresh produce.
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  • Tertulia
  • BondSt
  • Gramercy Tavern
  • Print
  • Cosme
  • Tabare
  • The Assemblage
  • Maison Premiere
  • Agern
  • Two Mikes
  • Nomo Soho
  • The Fresh Market
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